“Concerto all’Alba” always a winner
Excellent result of the “Savaria Symphony” Orchestra conducted by Maestro Aurelio Canonici

…There was a standing ovation for Maestro Aurelio Canonici and for the Hungarian “Savaria Symphony” Orchestra for their generous effort. With the usual encore of “Morning Mood” by Grieg…and after the moving surprise encore of “Aura”, composed by Maestro Canonici…the concert, which is now the symbol of Ravello, ended happily for many.
…With the right amount of confidence, the first overture of “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart was performed, exquisitely glossed by the Maestro in some parts during the evening rehearsal, and the peak of refinement was reached in some of the orchestral passages of Ravel in the “Pictures at an Exposition” by Moussorgsky. Some of the choices of lengthening the times resulted in a singular suppressed glow – an ominous expression in music.
…Even in the overture from “Semiramide” by Rossini…the Maestro’s interpretation was incredibly stimulating.
…The very interesting public rehearsal truly prepared everyone for the concert, thanks to the worthy efforts of Maestro Canonici…

Massimo Lo Iacono, Il Roma, 12 august 2010

The “Concerto all’Alba” in Villa Rufolo: You Would be Crazy Not to Go

…Aurelio Canonici, who has, for a number of years, been the conductor of the prestigious symphonic section of the Ravello Festival, put himself in the front lines by guiding the orchestra in Villa Rufolo, proposing captivating programs…The Prelude to the I Act of Lohengrin by Wagner, a composer who is very dear to Canonici and so greatly explored by him…Beautiful sounds came out of the Savaria, guided with certitude.
…With the Overture from the Marriage of Figaro, Canonici knows how to weave counterpoints by neither imposing emphasis nor forced plurality on the different sounds; the orchestra, levelling the volume among its different sections, harmoniously restores the musical texture of the piece. …In Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Musorgskij, Canonici was able to reproduce the different atmospheres of each piece meticulously: from the grottesque Gnomus to the playful Tuileries, the dark Catacombs to the triumphant The Great Gates of Kiev, which brought the spectators to first dawn on the Amalfi Coast.
…After a lengthy and not tired applause for the Savaria and for Aurelio Canonici, came the first unexpected and unscheduled piece: a delicate composition written by the composer, Aura, which takes shape from the silence and the distant echoes of Mother Nature saluting the night, gracefully adding the choral movement of the strings then a few wind instruments only to lead back to the silence, which is always different and always ready to create even more music.

Dario Ascoli, Oltrecultura, 11 august 2010

From Brahms to Contemporary Music

…The young Italian Maestro Aurelio Canonici has elegantly and beautifully directed the musicians of the “Arpeggione” Orchestra, who were then able to demonstrate their class.
…Cradling and soaring, even the famous “Liebesliederwalzer” by Brahms sounded fresh and flowing under Canonici’s baton.
…Afterwards, they then continued with the first execution in Austria of the piece “Verdis Traum” by Wettstein…The good news is that, at last, a contemporary piece of music was able to beautifully close such a high-class concert., 29 april 2010

Istanbul Symphony, Borusan Philharmonic take audiences on journeys in dreams

…Beethoven’s mighty “Egmont Overture” got a sturdy reading under guest conductor Aurelio Canonici, whose minimal gestures were evidently the right ones because the orchestra was exceptionally well coordinated, accurate and downright exciting. He choosed the perfect tempo to broadcast Beethoven’s dark drama, the strong driving chords at the beginning and echoed by the horns later, all boldly enlivening the composer’s broad strokes and stark power. The horn fanfares at the end were triumphant and chilling, even in the hall’s cottony acoustics.

Alexandra Ivanoff, Today’s, 23 april 2010

Opera Gala Verdi-Wagner in Bartók Hall

…The Opera Gala with music of Verdi and Wagner proved to be a top-level event…sold-out, the audience filled every seat….From the first notes of the Overture from “La Forza del Destino” the audience succumbed completely to the musical experience…. During the course of the evening Aurelio Canonici directed the Savaria orchestra with precision and perfect competence…

Ambrozai Zsuzsanna, 3 april 2010

Concert in the City Hall

On Sunday night a special Xmas concert was given in the Cityhall. The Reutlingen Philharmonic Orchestra of Wùrttemberg proposed a concert adapted to all tastes: for ballet fans there was Tchaikovsky; for Baroque music lover,s Bach; and for those lovers of the waltz there was Johann Strass and Waldteufel. The Guest Conductor, Aurelio Canonici of Genova, conducted the Nutcracker Suite of Tschaikovski with taste and elegance…

Siegfried Burger, Gränzbote, 21 december 2009

Well Chosen

Words and Music, reflexion and serenity: with this mixture the second concert of the Philharmonic of Wurttemberg obtained a substantial success judging by the warm applause…..extracts from the Nutcracker Suite of Tchaikovsky were presented to the audience as enchanting scenes of transparent sound. Scenes narrated with clarity and animation. In the second half of the concert, with the energetic bubbling atmosphere of the Waltzes and Polkas, the Orchestra and Canonici added an extra sprint creating an electric atmosphere in the crowded hall: desire to make music, maximum care of the sound, forward-moving , superb rhythm, and full expression given to the singing lines…

hdw, Reutlinger Generalanzeiger, 19 december 2009

Christmas Atmosphere with the Philarmonic of Württemberg

The Christmas concert of the Reutlingen Philharmonic of Württemberg Thursday night was sold out…The Guest Conductor Aurelio Canonici guided the Orchestra in a reading faithful to historic performance practices, succeeding however in avoiding an excessively rigid sound. Much appreciated above all was his musical direction based on a harmonious and masterful control of the dynamics: noticeably masterful also in comparison with many of his colleagues, Canonici knowingly played with the forte-piano contrasts…

Thomas Ziegner, Schwäbisches Tagblatt, 19 december 2009


To the sound of bells and the swishing of whips

…From the beginning, with the notes of the ballet „The Nutcracker Suite“ of Tschaikovsky, under the measured and elegant direction of Aurelio Canonici the instrumental colour of the Orchestra became evident in all its glory with a rich and varied sound…

Susanne Eckstein, Reutlinger Nachrichten, 19 december 2009

Splendid kettledrum strokes

The first Concert of the Season with the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra and the Choir… Living up to its nickname “the kettledrum stroke”, included in the programme was Joseph Haydn’s Symphony no. 94 in C major “with the kettledrum roll” and the “Paukenmesse” (“Kettledrum Mass”)… the soloists’ voices were relaxed, full-bodied and wonderfully expressive. The Wuppertal orchestra played with exquisite delicacy and cantability. The Italian Conductor, Aurelio Canonici, directed with noble discretion, enabling the musicians to stand out with just the right balance, particularly in the Symphony.
As if by magic, Canonici created delicate sounds, like very expressive, tiny dashes of colour, while at the same time producing sophisticated, melodic lines, which were never excessive. The wind instruments’ distinct, melodious notes soared effortlessly.
The strings were outstanding, with their precise sequences of immaculate sounds and their attention to detail and also for an exceptional solo cellist. At the end of the concert, the audience rose to their feet as one for a standing ovation…

Von Tanja Heil, Westdeutsche Zeitung, 26 november 2009