“Friendship concerts 2018″: magnificent performance by Maestro Aurelio Canonici

“THE FRIENDSHIP CONCERTS 2018″ gather resounding successes and Maestro Aurelio Canonici hypnotizes the audience with the “Music Conference” on Symphony No. 4, in F min. Op. 36 of Caikovskij.Classical music becomes ‘handy’ even for ‘profane’ if there is an extraordinary man such as M° Aurelio Canonici. Talking about the life and works of Pëtr Ilic Caikovskij and leaving a whole audience speechless, is not for everyone!M° Aurelio Canonici, Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music ‘Alfredo Casella’ of L’Aquila, July 3, 2018, at the Russian Center of Science and Culture, intriguing guests, illustrated the details of private life and the public image of one of the greatest Russian composers of the romantic music scene and classical ballet.The musical conference had its focus on the genesis and history of Caikovskij’s masterpiece: Symphony No. 4, in fa min. Op. 36.Some important passages of the symphony have been performed on the piano by Maestro Canonici, who, with elegance and pathos, has returned to the minds of the present frames of life, the ardor and pain that have imbued the ‘autobiographical’ draft of the work in a period of profound existential crisis of the author.Remarkable is the ability of Canonici to expose the theme of ‘Fate’, reaffirmed with obstinacy and seen in a tragic and ineluctable way by Caikovskij, and remarkable the punctual introduction of every single musical instrument included in the work; the many explanations and the meticulous details have meant that, in the course of the evening, even less expert ears could touch the leitmotif of the Russian composer and clearly distinguish the oboe on the pizzicato of the strings and the cellos on the counterpoint of the woods. Being able to unravel the great complexity of a work so immense, and transform it into something usable for everyone, deserved an enthusiastic and thunderous general applause for Canonici.The “Music Conference” has been able, in an innovative and completely unexpected way, to bring the public and lovers of classical music closer to the discovery and to a deeper reading of the masterpieces of the great Russian classical composers who, with their works, have always ability to touch the deepest chords of the human soul.Immediately before the musical conference, welcomed with great admiration and followed by a long applause, a video was shown concerning the direction of M° Aurelio Canonici of the concert for the Jubilee, held in the Sala Nervi, in the Vatican, on 21 January 2016 from Orchestra and Choir of the “Alfredo Casella” Conservatory of Music in L’Aquila. On that occasion, Maestro Canonici received the compliments from the Holy Father Pope Francis.Iolanda Pomposelli, 5 July 2018, https://lifestylemadeinitaly.it/esibizione-maestro-aurelio-canonici/