In Ravello the customary appointment with the Dawn Concert is repeated to the sounds of great classical music

The Dawn Concert is the symbolic event of the Ravello Festival… for the Festival’s varied audience it’s an appointment not to be missed. A few minutes wait and the Savaria Symphony Orchestra takes its place on the stage. Just the time necessary to tune the instruments and the Conductor, the well-known Aurelio Canonici, appears… The repetory is rich and varied compared with other editions; Wagner is performed for the first time at dawn… The other pieces on the list come from authors such as Satie, Gluck, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Verdi and Liszt. The performance of the pieces is exceptional and sublime; the Savaria proves itself to be an orchestra of great prestige and does not disappoint the expectations of the Director of the Symphonic Music Section, Maestro Canonici.

Florinda Fiordaliso,, 12 august 2009