“Music and Sophia” Aurelio Canonici’s Wagner

The work deals with philosophical issues, as the subtitle on the cover specifies immediately; written by the young and brilliant Orchestra Conductor Aurelio Canonici, the study “Musica e Sofia- Problematiche filosofiche nell’opera di Richard Wagner” (“Music and Sophia – Philosophical Issues in the Works of Richard Wagner”) published in 2009 by Le Càriti Editore is dedicated to the great composer… Aurelio Canonici and the Florentine publishers (in their “Logos” series) have added a precious element in bringing classical music closer to a wider public; the passion of the former for 19th century lyrical and symphonic music and the sensitivity of the latter have staked their money on a study written with a fluent style and rigorous expression, able to capture enthusiasts and scholars alike, albeit with a different degree of approach… Aurelio Canonici, supported by solid preparation and experience – a Diploma from the Conservatory and a specialisation in Conducting from Vienna, actively involved in Conducting both in Italy and abroad, Artistic Director of the “Richard Wagner” Symphonic Section of the prestigious Ravello Festival, teacher at the Conservatory as well as philosopher with academic credentials – has produced a masterful and elegantly written work with an admirable ability to make a difficult subject easy; a precious experience which we hope will see further expressive opportunities.

Marisa Paladino, Oltrecultura, 13 august 2009