The “Concerto all’Alba” in Villa Rufolo: You Would be Crazy Not to Go

…Aurelio Canonici, who has, for a number of years, been the conductor of the prestigious symphonic section of the Ravello Festival, put himself in the front lines by guiding the orchestra in Villa Rufolo, proposing captivating programs…The Prelude to the I Act of Lohengrin by Wagner, a composer who is very dear to Canonici and so greatly explored by him…Beautiful sounds came out of the Savaria, guided with certitude.
…With the Overture from the Marriage of Figaro, Canonici knows how to weave counterpoints by neither imposing emphasis nor forced plurality on the different sounds; the orchestra, levelling the volume among its different sections, harmoniously restores the musical texture of the piece. …In Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Musorgskij, Canonici was able to reproduce the different atmospheres of each piece meticulously: from the grottesque Gnomus to the playful Tuileries, the dark Catacombs to the triumphant The Great Gates of Kiev, which brought the spectators to first dawn on the Amalfi Coast.
…After a lengthy and not tired applause for the Savaria and for Aurelio Canonici, came the first unexpected and unscheduled piece: a delicate composition written by the composer, Aura, which takes shape from the silence and the distant echoes of Mother Nature saluting the night, gracefully adding the choral movement of the strings then a few wind instruments only to lead back to the silence, which is always different and always ready to create even more music.

Dario Ascoli, Oltrecultura, 11 august 2010