The couragious dawn of the Ravello Festival is illuminated by the sounds of the Savaria Symphony Orchestra conducted by Aurelio Canonici

The Dawn Concert at Ravello confirms itself at the height of the Festival’s already rich programme and, it’s true to say, no longer and not only as a charming and fashionable ritual, but as a moment of great music and convincing performances… The Savaria Orchestra and Canonici ably enhanced the characteristic transparency in Gluck’s “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”… Mozart’s “Magic Flute” was presented with its brilliant Overture; the brass section was resonant and precise, the balzato of the strings was clear, and the conduction controlled… The authentically symphonic character of the Magyar company was clearly revealed by these pieces; there was a uniformity among the sections that allowed Canonici’s concertative qualities to express themselves as never before… Richard Wagner’s “Rienzi”, of which Canonici proposed the beautiful Overture in the 2009 Dawn Concert, was performed with Mittel-European energy and Italian musicality… Surprisingly “alert” applause given the early hour and cries for encores, generously granted with the inevitable “Morning Mood” by Edvard Grieg… It’s the Dawn Concert and it’s Aurelio Canonici, philosopher and musician, who conducts it with the music in his head and not his head in the music, conducting, as always, completely by heart.Dario Ascoli, Oltrecultura, 11 august 2009