The Dawn Concert at the Ravello Festival

…In this corner of Paradise sunrise is awaited, as every year, accompanied by music as part of one of the biggest and oldest artistic festivals, the Ravello Festival, during what is known internationally as “The Dawn Concert”… The concert, the symbolic event of the festival, begins punctually at 4.30am. A stage overlooking the sea holds the seventy members of the Savaria Symphony Orchestra, a company with strong Hungarian traditions, conducted, as every summer since 2003, by Aurelio Canonici, Artistic Director of the symphonic section of the Ravello Festival… It’s 6.15am and the public’s enthusiastic applause calls an excited and satisfied Conductor back onto the stage for at least one encore before leaving… The “Dawn Concert” is an appointment that never disappoints, a crescendo of emotions and a delight for the eyes and the ears, an experience to savour and to let yourself be carried away by.

Laura Fichera,, 28 august 2009