The Event – A public typical of grand occasions was present in Ravello for the musical performance which began at 4.00 o’clock in the morning
“Nocturne” Symphonies at Villa Rufolo

…The Krakow Opera Theatre Orchestra walks on stage at 4.15am and, a little later, the slim Aurelio Canonici raises the baton… the philharmonic swells progressively… obedient to the agile commands of the Genoese conductor who can boast a long experience on the podium of the Ravello Festival where he made his debut in 1994 and has willingly returned regularly… admiring whispers and camera flashes escape from the audience, while the orchestra allows Borodin’s sinuous “Prince Igor” to unleash itself in the wild vitality of frenzied dance… Even Venus would want to enjoy the encores and more encores which the audience calls for with long, insistent applause and from which Canonici doesn’t draw back…

Anita Pepe, Roma, 12 August, 2004