At Repubblica delle Idee only standing places for Corrado Augias’ ‘Moon’

The most attended event of the second day of appointments
“I’m sorry, only standing places, but you can enter” … The Salone del Podestà is full. So many standing all the way down … After a queue at the entrance that returns the expectation and curiosity of the readers-spectators … Corrado Augias enters … the appointment with Augias for the scenic reading “Moon: words and music” was the more crowded than the second day of events… With him the pianist and popularizer Aurelio Canonici who is entrusted with Beethoven’s ‘Sonata in the moonlight’ and Debussy’s ‘Clair de lune’. The show is divided into two parts: the first more narrative, the second dedicated to the most famous moonshines in the history of music. Applause, great, from the enchanted public.

18 June 2022,