Rai3: Augias’ musical tales are beautiful

… A journey to discover the magic, secrets, rules and creativity of the geniuses of the second art. In each episode, in fact, the Rai 3 program tells the life, loves, pains, passions of a great man in the history of music, and then dwells on one of his most famous creations. While the orchestral players, questioned by Augias, tell about the various instruments that make up the orchestra, and the conductors Speranza Scappucci and Aurelio Canonici explain what lies behind the composition of absolute masterpieces that bear the signature of Beethoven, Mozart or Puccini.

Andrea Fagioli, 20 May 2022, Avvenire.it, https://www.avvenire.it/rubriche/pagine/rai-3-belli-i-racconti-musicali-di-augias