“The joy of music”, a bet won by Rai and Augias

Rai opens up to lyric and symphonic music and wins the bet … we cannot fail to underline the importance of an excellent level of dissemination and see how even the most indecipherable artistic expression of the human spirit can arouse wide interest and not limited to fans or specialists. Augias … avails himself of the help of the real protagonists of his broadcast, namely the Rai Symphony Orchestra conducted at the Turin Auditorium Arturo Toscanini by the conductors Speranza Scappucci and Aurelio Canonici … and here are … the best known and most performed works, illustrated to the television audience … “explained” starting from their “harmonic system”, from the different sounds.

Mario Gazzeri, 19 May 2022, Ytali https://ytali.com/2022/05/19/la-gioia-della-musica-una-scommessa-vinta-dalla-rai-e-da-augias/