The joy of music with Corrado Augias on Rai3, a jewel on today’s TV also rewarded by ratings

There is a small television jewel set in the Rai3 access prime time schedule and it is called The joy of music … a program aimed at those who are fascinated by the so-called “cultured” music … To accompany the public on this journey among the most beautiful notes of classical music … Corrado Augias … Perhaps the greatest popularizer of the small Italian screen ever … Corrado Augias is very good, thanks also to the contribution and artistic support of the Maestros Speranza Scappucci and Aurelio Canonici, who with grace and dedication explain between the streams of seven notes the musical alphabet of so-called cultured music, with the Rai National Symphony Orchestra. What you breathe at eight in the evening on Rai3 is a breath of fresh air in the folds of the television schedules, all accompanied by an excellent success in terms of audience with an average share of the first five episodes of 5.2% and a million viewers, which means filling about 65 theaters every night, a success that is hard to find on television precedents. There are twenty-five episodes of this program, which would therefore have the opportunity to explain classical and symphonic music in a clear and understandable way to an immense audience, which could then decide to go to the theater, thus helping a sector, like many others, penalized. strongly from the pandemic.

In short, an operation to be promoted and encouraged, perfect for a public radio and television service.

TvBlog, 14 May 2022,