The Villa Rufolo illuminated by the dawning of great symphonic music

…Canonici has confirmed that he is a meticulous explorer of the orchestral score, of the distinguishing aspects which connote its uniqueness and, at the same time, of those characteristics which place a piece of music into a stylistic and historical current.
By carefully measuring out these two approaches to the musical interpretation, Aurelio Canonici distills performances which manage to avoid didactic-handbook stereotyping.
They reveal, instead, a firm directorial personality whose aim is, not to surprise through forced originality but, rather, (and in this he succeeds with exemplary linearity), to present the greatness of the composer and the substance of his work to his audience. Perfect management of the tempo, not only metronymic, by the warmly applauded Canonici…

Dario Ascoli, Oltrecultura, 11 August 2008