You call them – if you want – emotions

“In the specific case of Aurelio Canonici, his pianism wants to convey a movement of regained slowness, a calm and velvety invitation to introspection, to waiting, to an internalized reverberation … refined, (apparent) simplicity of their musical language, in which a formal circularity or an unexpected impetus stands out, which often remains suspended, as the thematic development is interrupted, in fact disseminating question marks destined not to be answered … references to French piano impressionism … for these 16 pieces a possible listening key, beyond the emotional universe, the contemplation factor, lies precisely in their narrative flexibility, in the property of listening to them as if they were not so much movies, due to their brevity, but short films in which everyone can find and carry on their plot “. Andrea Bedetti, October 2022, Music Voice,