“Sospensione”, Teatro LMC

May 2017: The LMC Theatrical Company (contemporary dance and theatre), staged the show “Sospensione”. With Enzo Caputo as Director, words, gesture, dance, vocals and sounds, beautifully blend thanks to a careful research with the music of Aurelio Canonici. Performances on days 26th, 27th, 28th.


Teatro Vittoria, Rome

May 2017: for the fourth consecutive year Aurelio Canonici is a guest of the Teatro Vittoria  in Rome to explain the symphonic and operatic music to the public. In this season, during five acclaimed lessons between November and May, Maestro Canonici analyzed masterpieces such as Verdi’s Requiem, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Rossini’s Cinderella, Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion, and Beethoven’s Third piano Concerto.


Fauré’s Requiem

April 2017: Gabriel Fauré’s masterpiece, his Requiem, is performed to commemorate the victims of the earthquake. Two performances in front of a large and moved crowd, April 5th at Onna, April 6th at L’Aquila. Aurelio Canonici conducts Soloists, Choir and Orchestra of the Conservatory “Casella”.


“Salieri” Competition

April 2017: Legnago hosts the eighth edition of the “Antonio Salieri” International Music Competition. Aurelio Canonici is President of the Jury in the sections “String Instruments” and “Chamber Music”.


Rome, La Sapienza University

February 2017: “Wagner and Philosophy” is held at La Sapienza University in Rome. Aurelio Canonici is invited to talk about Wagner and his use of the Leitmotiv. Other speech were given by some of the most important Italian musicologists, germanists and philosophers (Quirino Principe, Sandro Cappelletto, Elio Franzini, Enrico Fubini, Antonio Rostagno, Giuseppe Di Giacomo etc.).


Barber of Seville, Rome, Teatro Ghione

November 2016: the Teatro Ghione in Rome hosts Rossini’s Barber of Seville. Aurelio Canonici conducts a cast of young and brilliant performers. A production of the Conservatory “Casella” of L’Aquila in cooperation with the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory of Rome.


Feltrinelli (Rome)

November 2016: at the Feltrinelli Bookshop in Rome, the CD Between Earth and Heaven – entirely dedicated to Aurelio Canonici’s music – was presented. Aurelio’s music was live performed by the piano-duo Paola Biondi and Debora Brunialti.


Marco Besso Foundation – Rome

October 2016: At the Fondazione Marco Besso, Aurelio Canonici presents his book ” Uno alla volta per carità ” dedicated to the “Barber of Seville”. Also thanks to numerous examples played on the piano, Canonici explained to the audience the style and music of Gioachino Rossini.


South Korea

October 2016: Aurelio Canonici is on tour in South Korea conducting the Seoul Orchestra enriched by many Italian guest players. The concerts hit prestigious venues such as the Seoul Arts Center and the Yongin Poeun Art Hall at the 34th Korea International Music Festival. At the Suncheon Bay International Orchestra Festival 2016 Canonici conducted an Opera Gala along with British tenor Paul Potts in front of an audience of over 6,000 spectators.


Poland – “Jan Kiepura Opera Festival”

August 2016: Aurelio Canonici returns to Poland as guest of the “Jan Kiepura Opera Festival”. To him was dedicated the last of the “Meetings with the Artist”. During a long interview Aurelio Canonici talked about his experiences as an orchestra conductor, composer, artistic director, talked about his books, CDs, and played at the piano music from his own soundtracks.